About Nathalin Group

Nathalin Group was founded on 21st July 1987 formerly known as "Buawaree Company Limited" and had been changed to "Nathalin Co.,Ltd in September the same year.

We are widely recognized as one of the largest independent operator of petroleum and chemicals tanker in Thailand. We provide various marine services to fulfill our customers need; Logistics and Storing, International Maritime, Floating Storage and Trading and Service. We have succeed in encouraging our crew to operate under international standard that we obtained ISM Code Certificate and Quality Standard ISO 9001:2015 by Bureau Veritas and participated in Tanker Management and Self-Assessment (TMSA) program, which has been verified by major oils.

In spite of our pride in notable one stop marine transportation services, we move forward to new business lines. We have joint venture with one of the prominent aviation companies for offshore helicopter service. We also concern environmental issues thus we have invested in global energy business; wind farm, solar energy, power plant and more. Nathalin Group aims to satisfy our customers with reasonable and reliable service with superior safety standard and value environmental protection.


"To be Strong Investor & Smart Service"