Ship Business Unit

Core business of Nathalin Group, operates Petroleum and Chemical Marine, Vessels Management, Storage, Marketing of Petroleum & Petrochemical by One Stop Service.

We serve our customers with good service, high quality, safety and environmental friendly as International standard. Staff potential development is our main mission. We encourage staff to gain more knowledge, experience, and improve themselves to understand business overview and have service mind. We have several types of vessels in our fleet; oil/chemical tanker , storage tanker and offshore in size ranging from 2,000 to 300,000 DWT which service in domestic and international markets.

Our business consists of 4 main business types

1. Trading Group
2. Floating Storage Unit Group
3. Ship Management / Crew Management Group
4. Offshore Vessel Group

The business has steadily grown in quality and quantity. We continue developing and expanding fleet, increasing freight volume, optimizing service with seafarers' qualities and communication advance. We contribute our expertise and devotion to customers' satisfaction and sustainable growth in Asian market.

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 Prima marine Public Company Limited

 N.T.L. Marine Company Limited

 Thai Marine Tanker Company Limited


Nathalin Management Company Limited


BSC Management Seafarer Recuitment Company Limited


 Nathalin Shipping Pte Ltd



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FAX : 662-016-0199



 TEL : 662-0160190-4


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TEL : 65-6361-0379

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