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Sea Oil Public Company Limited

Sea Oil Public Company Limited established in May 1997 

Sea Oil Public Company Limited (“SEAOIL”) was founded in 1997 and registered to become public company listed on the stock market (MAI) on 5 September 2013. The business operates in Trading various oil product such mainly fuel oil, lubricants and other petroleum products. Main customer groups are both domestic and international companies, tanker vessels, multipurpose vessels and industrial sectors. In order to provide better services.

In 2011, SEAOIL also administers additional services such as catering, housekeeping and supply management. At present, we primarily cater to clients in the oil industry exploration and production businesses both onshore and offshore drilling. SEAOIL essentially focuses on product quality and excellent standardize services, stressing on both security and punctuality which adhere to international standard.

In 2014, Shares acquisition of "Pan Orient Energy (Siam) Limited" ("POES") in the approximate 49.99% shares with objective to integrate into petroleum exploration and production business by "Sea Oil Energy LTD.", the subsidiary in Bermuda.

In 2015, SEAOIL has established 2 subsidiaries abroad: Sea Oil Offshore Limited in the Federal Territory of Labuan, Malaysia and Sea Oil Petroleum Pte. Ltd. in Singapore. The purpose is to expand the channel of services for international customers as well as domestic clients who prefer to receive products overseas.


100% Shares acquisition of "Nakornchai Prakarn Chemical Product Co.,Ltd." "NPC") operates a condensate splitter plant producing petroleum chemicals product solutions which engages in the production and distribution of petroleum products, including white spirit, rubber solvent, diesel and fuel oil. It is evident that the petroleum chemical product solutions are of high quality. The company distributes the products to paint, glue and other domestic industries. (NPC changed its name to “Sea Oil Petrochemical Co.,Ltd.” in 2017)

In 2017, SEAOIL invested in total of 10 solar power plants for 7.825 Megawatts which is 99.99% Shares acquisition of Living Energy Co.,Ltd. and its subsidiaries as a renewable energy business to generate electric power by Solar rooftop.

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